CEPro Product Briefs – May 23, 2016


BlueDog Data Services, a provider of data management services supporting the tools, processes and standards for integratorsm has announced the launch of its engineering-level data with associated support and training for the D-Tools software platform.

BlueDog’s engineering-level data further enhances the proposal-ready data, enabling integrators to quickly create rough-in wire plans, rack elevations, schematics and other drawings. Working in a linear method, integrators can develop comprehensive proposals during their sales effort and utilize the same data to support the installation and programming phases. Connecting the power of both D-Tools and Visio platforms, each line item is linked to a custom Visio stencil that is placed onto the graphics page to create the final piece – a road map to a successful project. Additionally, a D-Tools Template Project customized with a pre-tabbed Visio drawing file is created to expedite the process.

Original article can be found at: http://www.cepro.com/article/product_briefs_whats_happening_in_custom_electronics_in_2016/news

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